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Discover Caves, Coves and Coral 

Laid Back Adventures in The English riviera

  • Sea Kayak Torbay
  • Sea Kayak Torbay
  • Sea Kayak Torbay
  • Sea Kayak Torbay
  • Sea Kayak Torbay
  • Sea Kayak Torbay

Shortlisted as Sporting Activity / Tourism Experience of the Year 2018

Experience England's most beautiful bay in an active and educational adventure to remote nature reserves within our world famous UNESCO Geopark. Sites of Specific Scientific Interest are all around our waters and best witnessed at a snails pace whilst learning about its history. Our rocks really do tell stories. Our laid back tours let you ponder over a geological period of time in comfort in our touring sea kayaks. They glide through the water and let you paddle further with ease. As a mobile unit we take advantage of the best conditions Torbay has, launching from any beach in Torquay, Paignton or Brixham. 

We offer Free Hotel Pick up and Drop off on our full day and group tours for groups of 6 or more. Our elite clothing and stable kayaks include the option of stabilizers or outrigger systems should you wish to enter into more advanced waters as a beginner. 

We take care of everything, and offer an activity that everyone can enjoy at all levels of ability and as much physical activity as you would like. We launch into the sea and can witness stunning geloogical formations within 4 km. The Slate and Shale in Torbay creates the best skimming stones and stacking stones for Rock Art that's very popular when we stop to toast marshmallows.

Short Tours and Geo Safaris

Awarded as 1 of the Top 20 UK Water Sports Providers 2018 

Our private sight seeing tours allow you to explore the English Riviera on a 1 to 1 tour with a local expert. Either in a tandem with the guide who will paddle you around the bay or in your own craft. We gracefully negate our way around the quieter areas of the bay in search of marine wildlife, huge sea caves and world famous geology. In the peak season tours are generally up to 8 people. Often this can dilute the experience.

We offer wild cave swimming on our private tours as well as the opportunity to paddle through the Ore Stone Rock. On a spring low tide you can actually paddle right through it and wild swim it. We have many sea caves around our 22 miles of coastline. Some best accessed by kayak. 

Our rich cultural heritage is etched into the landscape and beneath the seas lay the shipwrecks of our not to distant nautical past.

Our 2 day experiences take advantage of our stunning sunsets and sunrises and the wild encounters that come with them. Over the 2 days Torbay will become like a second home and you will gain a complete skill set to take your paddling further.

Private and Two Days

Call now to check availability or to to make a booking.

 You cannot book a specific date but you can purchase a tour.

We will then work with you to create your adventure.

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Sea Kayaking in Torbay

As a mobile kayak unit, based in Torbay, the UK's English Riviera, we deliver kayaking from the beaches of Brixham, Paignton or Torquay. Our guides are passionate about delivering a truly memorable experience that gives you a complete skill set to take your Kayaking further. They incorporate information about the local history and rich cultural heritage, marine wildlife, and natural beauty into your tour. At SKT (Sea Kayak Torbay) we offer kayaking experiences to all, allowing any person to enjoy floating on the waters of England's most beautiful bay.

What Our Tours include

  • An introduction into Inuit (West Greenland) Sea Kayaking
  • Expert training in how to be safe on the water 
  • Expert guidance in your paddling experience 
  • Technical Dry Clothing and Equipment
  • The very latest in stable Touring Sea Kayaks and Paddles
  • Kayak Stabilizers and Outriggers for anyone that wants them
  • Free residential collection from Torbay postcodes for groups.

Technical Clothing and Equipment

Sea Kayaking is the easiest way to access the more remote areas without any prior experience. Our amazing supplier, Chillcheater, offers dry, fleece-lined technical clothing designed by elite paddlers that allow us to stay warm and dry even if the weather turns on us. With this clothing we’re able to guide you at any time of the year,  designed for all year paddling in colder climates but it has been introduced to Torbay to offer accessible adventure outside of the summer season and on cooler days or if you decide to get wet, they will quickly warm you up.

Specialists in Adventure

Sea Kayaking is our connection to the sea, our land visits are also a major part of the adventure. We’re specialists in a range of services, including:

  • Leave No Trace Training - creating outdoor stewards of our environment
  • Conservation tours of wild and remote areas
  • Remote Emergency First Aid and Incident Management
  • Wild Camping and Bushcraft
  • Adventure Activity Provision - Team Building 
  • Canoe and White Water Training and Assessment
  • Duke of Edinburgh Training and Assessment
  • Sea Survival techniques and wild foraging

Local guides with local knowledge

Our founder and main guide Kieran Laureston is an academic who has brought together the antiquity and cultural heritage of the area. From Paleolithic man, to the Dumnonii, Saxons, Romans and people of the Napoleonic Era, there stories are etched into the landscape. We’re fascinated by the rich heritage and geology.

We like to frame your adventure by adding those stories in the places they occurred to add to their authenticity. These tours are a great way to bring families and groups together where different generations can learn new skills and learn from each other. 

Kieran will take you closer to nature in an attempt to connect with it and assist in its conservation and preservation. We view nature in its natural habitat without disturbing, displacing or damaging it, exploring remote areas which larger craft and ferries cannot access.

The Local Area

Torbays geology has created sheltered coves that were an easy landing place for the Romans, and shelter for our ships fighting off our shores. It is the place Darwin completed his theories through visits to our shores and the place Paleolithic man rested his head in Kents Cavern. It was an important place for our ancient ancestors and also for our own wild Short-snouted Seahorses (Hippocampus


The geological processes that created our headlands are clear to see and they in turn created bio diverse marine areas not found in the rest of the country, creating rare and unique wildlife. The views of the bay are also simply stunning and our guides bring this all to life for you.

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Whether you’re new to the water or an avid paddler wanting to explore the headlands to push your level further, we provide fun-filled tours that have as much action and adventure as you want.


Something Different

Do you want a different sort of adventure with your friends or family? A guided trip into Torbay's wilder areas is an excellent way to bond with a friend or have a memorable time with your family. We adapt the trip programme to your group’s individual needs. We are also able to deliver walking tours of the Geopark or Dartmoor, Canoeing and Kayaking on the River Dart and Teign.

Physical Activity

All of our tours involve some degree of physical activity. If you’d like a bit more activity, we’re happy to accommodate this. In addition to half/ full days or overnight trips, we offer multi-day courses or expeditions further afield. This may involve:

  • Getting closer to nature and spending time around marine wildlife
  • Discovering secret coves and fossil/mineral hunting
  • Conservation tours - assisting in the preservation of our marine environment
  • Our nautical history and the battles and shipwrecks in and around our shores
  • Our Palaeolithic ancestors to the landing of Brutus of Troy and the Romans
  • Creating outdoor marine stewards of our clients through the Leave no Trace Movement

There is so much to introduce you and your group to that we needn't travel far. Our kayaks are the vehicle to get you to the action!


Grab your camera because there are so many highlights on one of these tours, you’ll want to capture them all. From smugglers’ coves to ancient geology, and caves to natural arches and dramatic headlands, the English Riviera enjoys some of the very best geology and marine wildlife in Devon.

Custom Tours

If you have something in mind that isn’t described in these pages, just let us know, we are adventure specialists and we can accommodate any adventure experience. We adjust for physical limitations or time restraints, and are able to arrange for an extra kayak or two if you’re part of a larger group.

To find out more about our kayaking tours, contact us, in Torbay, Devon.

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