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  • Sea Kayak Torbay - The Launch
    03/05/2018 - SKT 0 Comments
    Sea Kayak Torbay - The Official Launch

    Sea Kayak Torbay - The Official Launch of SKT

    Welcome to the home of SKT's (Sea Kayak Torbay's) BLOG. On this page you will find all our interesting news, exciting articles and ‘how to’ information: how to do anything in a Sea Kayak or an Inland Kayak or - seeing as how everyone groups the two together - Canoe. Later in our blogs we will open up this crazy can of worms of mis-information and mis-interpretation of what Kayaking or Canoeing is and what type of craft should be used where? As fully trained Sea Kayak, White Water Kayak and Canoe guides we can speak from experience, and through paddling the length of the country and around the world - including the areas these craft came from - we will bring all our experience to help to clear this up for you. As informed and fully qualified enthusiasts who have studied the heritage and the history of the usage of these craft and the environments it was developed in, we will look at each of these disciplines and their introduction to the UK and, of course, how they came to be ‘domesticated;’ for the masses.

    The Olympics also helped to confuse the issue and then there are the Wiki pages where they have images labelling the wrong crafts all over them – don’t take as gospel everything you read on Wikipedia!

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